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· The Squires Family ·

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

We’ve called Orangevale our home since 2006 and love it for its close proximity to San Francisco, Napa, and even Lake Tahoe. But our favorite place to be is at home on the farm. Megan tends to the animals while Brad works the land, and our children, Jacob and Abby are always eager to help out in any way they can. It’s a true family farming effort.


Events at Heirloom Acres

Interested in visiting the farm? Check out our Events & Tickets page for upcoming Flower U-Picks, Pumpkin Patch, and Christmas Tree events. 

· The Heirloom Acres Story ·

The story of Heirloom Acres Farm is still one we pinch ourselves over. Everything happened so quickly, and yet it’s easy to see how all of the pieces were put into place long before we ever had a dream to farm.

Up until the summer of 2017, we had plans to move our family about 20 miles east, closer to their new school. The five-acre plot had been purchased and the plans drawn up. In fact, we were set to break ground the week we got the news that the ten acres immediately next to our current home would be going on the market.

“Let me talk with Megan,” was Brad’s initial response when our neighbor approached him about the land. It was a short talk. Immediately, our hearts felt peace and we finally released the breath we’d been holding in since we made the tough decision to leave Orangevale.

Orangevale is our home. Our babies turned into toddlers and then into kiddos and now into tweens in this town. It’s our community. We knew we could recreate this in another city, but we loved the life we’d made for ourselves in this quirky rural town.

Things moved fast. We opened and closed escrow in the blink of an eye, and suddenly there we were: accidental farmers with twelve beautiful acres in the middle of a suburban town. We already had our animals, but now they had even more space to roam. Our kids could free range. Our dreams of rows of colorful cut flowers were just a few seasons away.

“What will you do with our dad’s old house?”

That was the first question the sellers asked when we signed the contract. Over the years, many builders had approached them with offers, hoping to turn the ten acres into a profitable subdivision.

“We plan to keep it. It’s a true Orangevale heirloom.”

And it is. Every inch of this land is an heirloom to us. From the original 1940’s home to the rich, fertile soil that used to be stomping grounds for cattle. We don’t take any of this for granted–to hold a piece of Orangevale history so close. And we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you.


-The Squires Family

· The Barn ·

We are so excited about our new white barn that was completed in Fall 2020. While we receive inquires often, we do rent the barn for private events. But we do love to host guests in and around the barn for our flower, pumpkin, and Christmas events. We also will have many other opportunities throughout the year to visit Heirloom Acres Farm. Keep an eye out on our Events Page for upcoming opportunities.


Barn Construction Photos

Our Old Barn

When we purchased the farm property, there was an original barn which was built nearly 100 years ago. While it was really great for photos, it ultimately needed to be torn down and replaced.

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